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Get my new eBook "Everyday Vegan" with simple, vegan recipes that can be in this collection like a vegan & gluten-free Chickpea Curry, Curried Couscous with it) and you'll receive the link and can download the Everyday Vegan eBook. Click on the link below to view / download the ebook(s): Desserts of Vitality by Mark Foy (PDF). The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Compassionate. Download Our FREE Vegan Pantry Recipe eBook. Packed with over 30 pages of delicious home cooked vegan recipes we have everyday at home. Includes the.

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Vegan recipes made with minimal ingredients, minimal time and no cooking. All raw vegan recipes are gluten and dairy free. Free to download on this page. Either way, I've got an amazing (and FREE!) vegan meal plan for you! I've created a little ebook that you can download to help you eat a lil' more plant foods . Are you vegan-curious and in need of some motivation to get started? Do you wish you could eat carbs like pasta, potatoes, even pizza, without an ounce or guilt.

Are you a newbie vegan, or trying to eat more plant-based? These are 7 exclusive recipes, that I have never published on my blog before! To make things easier, this little e-book also comes with everything you will need to make meal-prep and cooking a whole lot easier! So what is included? NONE of which are salads.

So if you are cooking for 1 or 2, the leftovers make a great packed lunch. A perfect little print out of everything you will need to buy this week, organized by where you will find them in the supermarket. There is also a little column for ingredients you will need buy may already have in your pantry!

You can just do a double check before popping out to the store, to avoid buying something you already have! The recipes are also designed to cut down on leftover ingredients. Of course, some things like rice and pasta come in large packets. I know you are less likely to want to have to cook a fancier recipe on hump day, and that perhaps Saturday is a better day for having fun win the kitchen!

The recipe schedule is designed with that in mind. There are no rules.

FREE 7 day VEGAN meal plan

Of course, this would depend on how much you have already in your kitchen. But none of the ingredients, except the nutritional yeast and a teensy packet of cashews, are particularly expensive. Amazon knows vegans well.

Vegan download free ebook

All recipes, except the brownies, can be made gluten-free! Just use special GF bread, pasta, rice flour and tamari as substitutes. Firstly, no spam emails whatsoever.

You get access to my resource library for FREE, get invites to some pretty cool events and hear exciting news first pssstt… I have a book in the works!

Welcome to my little space on the interwebs. I am a med student at the University of Oxford by day, medical student by night read: Read on if you would like to learn a little bit more about me This book is a great resource for making quick vegan recipes. Each vegan recipe is gluten and dairy free and can be made in under ten minutes each with no cooking.

Vegetarian: 37 Sites & Various Free Ebooks | Download Free Ebooks, Legally

This was my very first eBook. I hope you enjoy making these recipes as much as I did. If you are finding that most of the vegan recipes in your bookcase are too complicated, this is for you. I have created this eBook to show you how raw food can halve your time making food.

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When you simplify your time in the kitchen you will start to awaken your inner maverick chef. You will start to add your own touches to these recipes and create your own secret recipes to hand down the generations.

Whether you are vegan or raw vegan this book will awaken your creativity.

Ebook free download vegan

This leaves you free to enjoy more time with your family, eating! Raw veganism has been around for a long time… since the dawn of humanity. It was simpler then and I believe in bringing the simplicity back to our modern lives.

Ebook free download vegan

The vegan recipes in this eBook is designed to be an easy step by step guide to making simple, delicious vegan meals in under ten minutes each.