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Riding Steele 1: The Office Slave 2: The Boss. Stepbrother, Mine 2. His to Claim 2: Savage Kiss. Riding Steele 2: His to Claim 3: Rock Hard. Riding Steele 3: Mastered by the CEO. Stepbrother, Mine 3. Riding Steele 6: No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this story are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

First edition: April www. God, this was the worst possible day to be late. Jay, her assistant, stood up as she approached, his eyes widening. She pressed her fingers to her aching head then stared at the red smear on them, still hurrying toward her desk. He followed her into her office and handed her a tissue as she pulled her compact from her purse. The nasty cut on her head still oozed blood. She pressed the tissue to it as she strode to her private bathroom and wet a washcloth.

Jay stood in the door as she patted the cut. He shook his head. You could have a concussion. Unfortunately, I had to stay until the police arrived to write up the insurance report. In fact, they'd hauled him off to the station after administering a breathalyzer and determining he was inebriated. Who the hell was drunk at eight in the morning? But that was just the kind of luck she'd been having lately. On the one day she simply could not be late,,,she was.

And no one would believe she was hit by a drunk driver on the way into work. She didn't mean the cut on her head and he knew it.

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She was supposed to be here by eight o'clock for a meeting of senior staff to find out details before the rest of the staff was informed. Probably to find out how many staff had to be let go, and who they would be.

She'd missed that meeting.

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At nine-thirty, Jay had texted her to tell her the staff had been informed and did she know what the hell was going on. Oh, God, she knew Jay was worried about his job. He and his wife, Sandy, were struggling. Sandy had been laid off six months ago and wasn't having any luck finding something and they'd just found out they were expecting a second baby. They had a mortgage and car payments, and if Jay lost his job, Rachel knew they'd probably wind up selling the lovely house they'd just settled into so happily.

Life sucked. She rested her hand on his arm. But I promise you, I'll do everything I can to make sure they keep you on. And he was excellent at his job. He often knew what she needed before she did, and he was exceptional at handling details. She knew her projects went off without a hitch largely because he ensured everything ran so smoothly all she had to worry about was the big picture.

She grabbed her journal. Baird's office and explain," she said as she started toward the door. All the executives left the building for an off-site meeting. So we were told. Currently, you're the highest ranking executive here.

Nor is the vice-president or any of the directors. I tried everyone. Baird to let him know you've arrived in the office.

No response yet. A tap sounded at her open door. She turned to see Craig Anderson, one of the tech guys standing there. Do you know who they're planning to let go because,,, well, it's pretty disruptive right now with,,," Jan from accounting walked by the office, wiping at her eyes, clearly upset. He gestured in the direction Jan had gone. It's awful out there. Everyone's just waiting for the next phone to ring, desperately hoping it's not theirs. Randy's wife called and he nearly snapped her head off, thinking he'd gotten the call.

Rachel couldn't believe they'd handle it like this. Pull all the executives away so they didn't have to face the employees, then pick them off one-by-one. Five minutes later, she walked toward the large meeting room, Jay by her side. He said he wants you to head straight over to the Concord Hotel. He said not to talk to anyone and he wants you there in twenty minutes. They were waiting in there. A lot of people,,, people she'd worked with for over three years,,, who were looking to her for answers.

They were scared and feeling abandoned. She might not have the answers they needed, but she could at least stand by them. She shook her head. If she didn't agree with what she thought was a bad decision, she'd stand up against it and do what she could to make changes.

She compressed her lips. I'm not going to walk out on them like everyone else did. Still, they all seemed happy to stay in the meeting room, congregated together. They ignored the phones they heard ringing from the cubicles beyond the door.

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Then people started receiving texts on their cell phones. One-by-one people were called away. One or two returned to say their good-byes, but most just disappeared. After an hour, she sat with the group of shell-shocked employees still left, all wondering if it was their turn next. By noon, the calls seemed to have stopped, but no one was motivated to return to work.

Jay ordered in several pizzas, which Rachel put on her personal credit card, and they sat commiserating. A lot of good people had been let go. Rachel had no idea how they would get business done with the handful that was left. Of course, Collier Industries would be integrating their own staff with Brenier's. Everything had changed in the blink of an eye. Call me a cab. He walked with her to her office, where she picked up her briefcase.

They rode the elevator down in silence. Her cab was waiting at the curb. That's good news. As soon as he glanced at the display, relief flashed across his face. She smiled. For you,,," He shrugged. Baird is a little impatient waiting for you. For the first time this morning, she had a moment to reflect on what all this meant to her. Collier Industries wasn't about to let go of their own executives, so if there were redundant positions, the Brenier people would be the ones they laid off.

That meant her own job was in jeopardy. In fact, being one of the more junior executives, with less experience and only a few years at the company, she was bound to be on the chopping block.

Her stomach tightened. Before she got the job with Brenier Electronics here in San Diego, she'd been out of work for two years. Two long, scary years. She'd sent out resumes, taken courses, networked. But there simply weren't many jobs out there, especially at her level. Her whole team had been laid off from the last place she'd worked after only a few months and she hadn't exactly received a glowing reference from her previous employer in Seattle.

Not because she'd done a bad job, but because,,, well, first, it had been really stupid to sleep with her boss. Even though James "King" Taylor was the sexist man she'd ever met and made her heart palpitate so fast, she'd experienced hot flashes every time he was near. And even though she'd tried to keep it a strictly sexual relationship, avoiding any emotional or romantic entanglements between them. And second, she'd been even more defiant with him than she was with other bosses.

A part of her feeling he would give her more latitude. That when she defied him, he would at least try to understand her point of view and be a little sympathetic. But that wasn't King's way.

He knew what he wanted and he did not tolerate any variance whatsoever.

So she'd finally left. She sighed. Of course, she could have asked for a reference. Her pride hadn't let her, but it might have saved her those two really tough, lean years. Now she was just getting back on her feet, having paid off the money her parents had lent her, and even put a down payment on a small townhouse.

A place of her very own, rather than living in that cramped apartment she'd rented before. She didn't want to go back. But things didn't look good. First, missing the meeting this morning. Then ignoring Mr. Baird when he'd summoned her to the Concord Hotel. The cab pulled up to the hotel and she got out.