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Read "Fallen Crest High Fallen Crest Series, #1" by Tijan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Mason and Logan Kade. Fallen Crest Family. Fallen Crest High (Series). Book 2. Tijan Author Saskia Maarleveld Narrator (). cover image of Fallen Crest Public. [BOOK REQUEST] Fallen Crest High series by Tijan (any books slipped?) Logan Kade (Fallen Crest #) by swiss-city.info KB. Fallen Crest.

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Read Online Ebook of Fallen Crest Forever (Fallen Crest High #7) by Tijan or Download PDF. +. + How to read or download Ebook: 1. Open New Tab on your. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Tijan writes with such heart and clarity." ―Debra Anastasia Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ swiss-city.info It's not clear to me if the book is meant to read this way or if it's just a download issue. Download Logan Kade (Fallen Crest High #) eBook Free -.

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Truth is that nothing happened with Kade and her. They are all from Roussou. My mouth dropped open as he stole my breath away. That hand went back into my chest and squeezed, but it was a different pain this time. It was from the pain I caused him. I nodded. I started to go to him, but my ribs protested, so I gripped his hand as tight as I could.

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I promise. Love triangle? He does kiss her. Will I read this again in the future? New Rating - 2. Still 3 stars. First read: Other than that, the book is a bit boring. View all 6 comments. Dec 10, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 8 comments. Feb 12, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Karla and I plan to one day write a combined review for all three books in this series.

I can't get enough of her books. They have become my escape, my guilty pleasure, my one exception. I just hang on and enjoy the crazy ride. View all 36 comments. Seriously someone needs to help ALL these kids!

Clearly their parents didn't not do a good job at it! I love both these boys and I find it hard to understand why they all like Sam so much But they do and they will do anything to protect her. And I mean anything Mason and Sam still banging like rabbits all the time!

Sam starts public school And everyone hates her. This book will make you crazy! These kids boys and girls are insane! On every single level. Girl fights Wars for popularity- another mean girls scene! This isn't the end To be continued in part Mar 02, Penny rated it it was ok Shelves: Nothing has changed. We get the same conversations and situations over and over.

There is no difference between the two first books of the series and this one. We are reading the same book repeatedly. I can't stand any longer all the bitchiness, meanness, randomness and plane badness of all the characters. The reflections and dialogues of the characters are illogical, they make no sense whatsoever and piss me off.

The characters are an example of bad decision making and of the bad sides of humans. It is shameful how the teenage girls are portrait here over and over again. The boys are entitled cowards, all bark and no bite. It is disgusting to see. I am so fed up with al this I can't continue any longer reading this series, it is depressing.

No more. I do not recommend this series. Book 1: Fallen Crest High Book 2: Fallen Crest Family Apr 04, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: Review to come! View all 3 comments. Mar 20, Stacia the club rated it did not like it Shelves: It's not fair that I'm angry right now. I thought I was finally hitting a stride with the Fallen Crest series. I thought I was learning to enjoy the ride enough to cave and ignore the repetitive writing plus editing flaws because the drama was exciting and addictive.

I actually kind of liked book 2 which I still haven't reviewed yet because I had to jump ahead and unload my pent-up frustration over book 3. Why couldn't the sketchy behavior have been limited to the "enemies" of Mason, Logan, an It's not fair that I'm angry right now.

Why couldn't the sketchy behavior have been limited to the "enemies" of Mason, Logan, and Samantha? Why did I have to start liking the male leads, only to have it all snatched away when their bad behavior became inexcusable again? I'm guessing that they probably knew if only subconsciously that she might be raped.

But even if they didn't know how far it would go, the fact that they would set a girl up to be physically beaten by a male takes them out of the running for "hot" male leads. These two guys shouldn't be viable romance leads now. Especially while starring in a high school series with a younger target age range. This is the worst possible shit that anyone would want their daughter reading and aspiring to date. Extreme questionable behavior should be reserved for adult anti-heroes Broken people who need help - fine.

Guys who are fawned over by every available female - not fine. Saving Samantha is NOT a good enough excuse. ANY decent human being would not throw another person to the wolves like that. If they'd set Kate up to have a go-round with another chick, whatever. She would've gotten what was coming to her for the stunt she pulled in the bathroom. But what happened goes beyond basic revenge payback.

Again, there were enough side characters in the book who could have been as evil as they wanted to be. I just don't want to see young male leads being swooned over when they are prone to downright disgusting behavior. By a guy. This was not a chick fight. This was a life-altering crime. Logan and Mason: Use your brains, kids. Find another way to save the girl you love. And it sure was awfully convenient that Sam just happened to be the only person in town jogging by at that exact moment when everything started to go down with Kate.

And it was even more disgusting that the convenience store guy did jack shit about what was happening. And I know I mentioned the repetitive stuff, but I'm really tired of everyone pressing kisses to Sam's forehead, temple, and shoulder. There was one instance where it happened 3 times within the span of a page and a half. Must be that all-consuming addiction thing. View 2 comments. Jul 09, Addie Sullivan rated it it was amazing. Why did that happen???

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Yeah, yeah!!! I already knew it but now it gets more obvious than before!!! I think that already told you many times before but i love Mason. I really do!!!

So please do not hurt him!!! I will become a real bitch then I'm just warning you, guys!!! Yeah, you two!!! You know in whom i reffer Well, that book amazingly surprised me!!! Is that possible??? After three and a half book can be possible to be even better??? Oh, yeah!!! It was. It was fucki FUCK It was fucking amazing!!! God, i can't believe it but i'm obsessed with Fallen Crest series After all that they 've been through in the second book, Sam tranferred from her old school to the new, which is Surprise, surprise!!!!

The same that go Mason and Logan And new problems began This time the problems was having a female name: She was the usually Mason's hook-up girl before Sam got in his life.

She and her gang was started to bulling Sam without mercy They did bad things and they planned even worst I haven't hate another people so much in my life!!! Even her psycho bitch mother seemed like a sheep in front of them Sam, tried to keep that bully shit away from Mason and Logan and to fight it herself but the results was not at her favor!!!

And when the Kade brothers learn about it, they became cruel and ruthless That was absolutely Thank God, everything found the right place at the end Please, please, Tijan!!! Protect my lovely Mason!!! View all 7 comments. Just when I thought I was seeing some clarity from book two, book three brought it up to a totally different notch!! I mean, sheesh!!

Between the revelations, secrets, and a hell lot of drama be prepared for anything! Tijan, if only if only I could see what goes on in that brain of yours!! It only suspended my need to want even MORE!!! View all 4 comments. Nov 02, Mariam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh my God. That ending. I've been mind-fucked. Why, why, why?! It was like a bomb went inside my head.

Like I can't make sense of anything anymore. Am I even human? Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. This book was fucking awesome. The End was Like a bomb.

Yeah, like a bomb. Definitely the best book out of all Tijan's books. Worth the wait for sure. I'm so excited for the next one. I don't know how it's gonna top this one, but I know it will. View all 10 comments. Jun 28, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just quickly Ok it's fair to say I loved it! Will review properly later. In this third book in the series, Sam finds herself, yet again, pitted against the "mean girls" at her new school.

When Mason ruins these girls social standing by "exiling" them, their tactics only become more cruel. With the ringleader focusing all her anger on Sam, tensions build steadily until they finally attack.

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These girls are vicious, brutal and all-around scary! Mason and Logan continue to be overly protective of Sam, but this book sees their good intentions cause some damage. More and mo In this third book in the series, Sam finds herself, yet again, pitted against the "mean girls" at her new school.

More and more, Sam is left in the dark as their plotting takes on a secretive nature. When everything finally comes to light, I think she let the guys off easy, especially Mason.


After everything, Sam continues to be compassionate and merciful. She even goes out of her way to save a girl that had tormented her for weeks. I was blown away by her kindness and humanity after everything she had been put through. She had a chance for revenge, but she took the high ground, despite knowing that the other girl would have walked away and left her to suffer if the tables had been turned.

Three books in and this series still has my attention! I'm loving all of this high school drama that would normally drive me crazy. It's a bit far-fetched, but highly entertaining! On to the next one Oct 18, Janie rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was full of angst including relationship angst. I still love both Mason and Sam and of course Logan too. There were a couple parts that were tough to read though. Aug 28, Amber rated it it was amazing. Honestly, at this point, I'm hoping for some more Nate.

There's just too many questions I have about the dynamic between the Kades and him. Oh my frikken goodness what the everloving jesus holy smokes I just cannot right now.

I mean, that little loop we were thrown at the end, I mean, I knew it, I saw it coming, wasnt that surprising. What is surprising is that Tate is a bitch. I just cant handle it Honestly, at this point, I'm hoping for some more Nate. I just cant handle it. I have so much feels. I dont know where to start, if I can even find a place to make sense of everything. Sam, I felt should've just been like, "Fuck this, fuck you, fuck everything.

I dunno the word but whatever it was, thats what she was. And Mason, you little bastard. You are so damn lucky I love you to pieces. Logan, well babe, I still love you just as much, if not more. You're still golden sweetpea. Jun 24, Samantha rated it it was amazing. God, I love these books so much! I love the Author and just the world! View 1 comment. Tijan is officially my 'go to' author. Reading her books is like curling up with my favorite blanket and settling in for the night.

Except there is no sleeping because I'm trapped between the pages and it's a great trapped. It's opening up a book turning on your kindle and your body sags and you sink into the words on the page with a sigh. That is my Tijan experience so far and I love her for giving me that. Jul 22, C-Money rated it it was amazing Shelves: Be jealous bitches. Its a valid feeling.

Cause its on like donkey kong. Dec 29, Luciana rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've just finished it and I am not capable of writing anything coherent right now I have some feelings to share though about the ending again Please, bitch, Well, since I couldn't do it However, that's not gonna stop me AT.

See a Problem?

This is what I think of Mason Sam and Mason She needs some serious best friend therapy!!! Hope she opens up more in the next book!! And Tijan But while I wait.. If you thought the first two books in the series were great, wait until you get a ahold of this one!!!!!!

And there are so many changes in Sam's life now that she is attending FCP. Add into the mix, Kate and her bitch crew, oh and don't forget Tate and Sam has got her hands full! I should've known better after reading AWNC. But OMG! These FCP kids are ruthless! Of course Mason and Logan are not about to let anything happen to her!

I was so happy to get Mason's POV!!! When reading it, there are two sides to him that come through loud and clear. He's calculated And he's vulnerable This series is without a doubt one of the best I have ever read! The kind that sticks with you long after you read it and one you don't have to go back and read the previous books in the series to remember what's been happening. I won't reveal any spoilers though. I think it would ruin the story. Well played Tijan. Well played! Dec 08, Cristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was like This book kept me on edge and half the time my heart was in my throat.

I could not go to sleep until I finished it There is no point in describing the book because if you have not read the previous 2 books I don't recommend starting with this one But to all you Fallen Crest Fans I can only say one thing: Oct 21, Hannah rated it really liked it. Just two things: Logan or Mason???? Readers Also Enjoyed. New Adult. Young Adult. About Tijan. Other books in the series. Fallen Crest High 7 books. Books by Tijan. Trivia About Fallen Crest Publ No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Report as inappropriate. This is the first book I've ever read by Tijan. It's so well written, I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Okay for the life of me I cannot figure out how to rate this book fairly. I loathed this book, the way it was written, the characters, and everything else about it but I could not put it down. There was something there that just kept dragging me back.