A How to Fixing Apple Music Not Working on Android Phone
A How to Fixing Apple Music Not Working on Android Phone

A How to Fixing Apple Music Not Working on Android Phone

Apple Music app used to be available only to iOS users prior to the year 2015. Then, Apple opened it to all users of the Android ecosystem. However, as with iOS certain Android users are also faced with issues and problems when accessing Apple Music. Certain of these issues are general, while others are exclusive to Android users only.

According to research, these issues usually stem from malfunctions in the system, network-related problems and, sometimes, application-specific glitches. However, they’re easily fixed. If you’re experiencing issues using Apple Music on your Android phone, consult the solutions provided in this article to fix the issue.

1. Updating Apple Music

If you’re experiencing issues in the case of Apple Music for your Android smartphone The first thing we’d recommend you ensure that you’re running the most recent version. Updates to the app introduce new features and address bugs that stop Apple Music from performing optimally.

Updating Apple Music  at Google Play Store

 2. Force Stop Apple Music

The force-stopping of an app is an effective solution to fix the issue with an app. When Apple Music is up-to-date, but the app continues to crash, malfunctioning or isn’t working even a bit, it’s time to stop the app by force. Follow the steps below to stop Apple Music for your Android phone.

# 1: Go to the Settings Menu on Android, and select ‘Apps & Notifications’.

# 2: Then click “See All Apps”.

# 3. Select Apple Music.

#4. On the app’s information page, choose Force Stop.

# 5: Tap OK at the confirmation prompt. This will close the application.

Start Apple Music again and check whether the app is working without error. If the problem persists we’ll look into the next solution.

3. Restart Phone

If force-stopping Apple Music yields no positive result and the issue persists, try restarting your phone. This will restart the operating system on your phone and clear all (corrupt or damaged) system files or temporary ones that cause Apple Music to malfunction.

Simply hold and tap the power/lock button on your smartphone for 3-5 seconds before you tap Restart.

Launch Apple Music the moment your phone turns back on and verify that it is working properly.

4. Update Android OS

Alongside upgrading the app, it is recommended to be sure to check the compatibility of your device for the Apple Music app. According to Apple it is required to have an Android device running the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system or higher to be able to use the Apple Music application. If your device is in Android v4.4 Kitkat OS or older, then you need to update it. Android v4.4 Kitkat OS or older, re-upgrading your device’s OS is your most effective option in order to get Apple Music to work without problems.

Go through Settings, System and System Update, to update Your Android phone’s OS.

5. Clean Apple Music’s Cache

If you notice that the Apple Music app on your Android device is experiencing intermittent crashes clearing the app’s cache may help to fix the issue. Users who’ve had Apple Music won’t play songs or access your music libraries, clear the cache of the app, and then restoring the app to its normal. Try this out and see whether Apple Music now works on your device.

Go to the Apple Music page to find the information for the app (Settings > Apps and notifications > Apps All > Apple Music) and then select the option ‘Storage and cache. After that, press the Clear cache button to clear the app cache information on your phone.

 6. Check Network Connectivity

A few issues in some issues with the Apple Music application may be caused by basic issues with connectivity to networks, for example. For instance, if you download tracks that won’t be played on Apple Music problems, the issue is probably related to network connectivity.

To fix this issue, turn on Wi-Fi or cell data and make sure your device is connected to the internet. Check out our guide on how to fix issues that are causing Apple Music not to play music downloaded.

In addition should you be aware that Apple Music (or other apps) are installed on your Android phone only works on Wi-Fi, and not with mobile data, you can refer to the recommendations in this article to resolve the problem. If your device’s mobile data is the issue (say poor connectivity or limited connectivity) Learn more about how to increase your the data connectivity of mobile devices on Android.

7. Clean Apple Music’s Data

As reported by certain users who have encountered problems in the past with Apple Music not working or playing music (downloaded and not) using their Android phone, clearing the app’s files is a good solution. However, you must remember that you’ll have to create your Apple Music app from scratch and it could be possible to lose offline or downloaded music as well as other important information.

To erase Apple Music’s data to erase the data, press long-press on the icon on the homepage or in the app tray, and then tap the information (i) icon.

Then, you’ll be redirected directly to Apple Music information page. After that, go to ‘Storage and cache’ and then tap on the clear Storage icon.

After that, open the app and test if the features function in the way they ought to.

Allow the Music Play

If none of these resolves your Apple Music issue on your Android device, you can try to delete the app, rebooting your device, then install it again using Google Play Store. Google Play Store. You can also remove the Apple ID from the app and then sign in again.

The next step: Thinking about ending you Apple Music subscription? Go through the following article to find out how you can cancel it using iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows.