8+ Best Ways How to Fix Calendar Not Syncing on iPhone
8+ Best Ways How to Fix Calendar Not Syncing on iPhone

8+ Best Ways How to Fix Calendar Not Syncing on iPhone

The calendar app that comes with your iPhone will help you stay on top of your calendar by notifying your of crucial dates or upcoming meeting. Also, synchronizing that information across all of your devices is a great way of making it possible to resume where you were when you left. Of course, only if the iPhone calendar is synced correctly.

If you’ve missed deadlines and meetings because your iPhone isn’t able to connect your calendar, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide ways to troubleshoot and enable your iPhone to sync your calendar in the first place. Let’s find out.

1. Refresh Calendars

It is possible to start with refreshing the calendar to see if it assists in pulling up any new data. To do this, start the Calendar app and then switch into the Calendars tab. After that, swipe from the top of the screen to refresh it

2. Check Default Calendar

Although your iPhone allows you to create different calendar accounts, you’ll have to choose one to be the default account that will hold every event that are created within your iPhone. Therefore, you’ll have to ensure that the preferred account is selected for default use.

  • Start the Settings app and then go to Calendar.
  • Tap Default Calendar and select your calendar account from the list below.

3. Check iCloud Sync Settings

If the issue persists If the issue persists, check the settings for iCloud sync for your iPhone to ensure that you’ve granted the calendar app permission to sync your data. Here’s how.

  • Open the Settings application in the iPhone and tap your name in the top.
  • ┬áVisit iCloud and switch on Calendars.

4. Enable Calendar Sync

If you’re having issues with sync using a third-party account, like Gmail and Yahoo, you must confirm that the calendar sync on the account is turned on. Here’s how.

  • Open Settings, then select Calendar.
  • Log into Accounts, and then select the account you wish to sync with.
  • Switch on the switch next calendars.

5. Remove and Add Account Re-Add Account

If you’re still having issues sync your calendar with your iPhone Try eliminating your account and then adding it once more to see if this can help. It’s interesting that a few users were able the issue with this method.

  • Open Settings , then navigate to Calendar.
  • Tap Accounts and then select the problematic account.
  • Finally click on the option to delete your account at the end. Select the option to delete from My iPhone when asked.

Once you have removed your account, sign in to your account to see if this solves the sync issue.

6. Disable Low Data Mode

If you’ve turned on Low Data Mode on iPhone The Calendar app won’t be able to refresh when the app is in the background. So you’ll have to disable the data saver on iPhone to allow Calendar to work. Calendar app to work properly.

Enable Low Data Mode when connected to Wi-Fi

  • Start the Settings app, then choose Wi-Fi.
  • Click the Info icon next to the Wi-Fi connection and turn off the switch in the Low Data Mode.

Disable Low Data Mode on Cellular

  • Start the Settings app and then go to Mobile Data.
  • Click Mobile Data Options to disable the Low Data Mode.

7. Enable Low Power Mode

A low-power mode for iPhone improves the battery life by reducing an app’s ability to function behind the scenes. If your iPhone is in lower power, your calendar app may not sync data to the server.

To turn off low power mode for your iPhone go to Settings, then go to Battery. Switch off the switch under the option for low power Mode.

8. Make sure you have the Date and Time settings checked

If your iPhone is using the wrong date, or incorrect time the calendar will not sync. Therefore, it’s suggested to change up your iPhone to use the network’s time following the steps listed below.

  1. Open the Settings App for your iPhone and go to General.
  2. Tap Date and Time. Switch that switch to the Set Automatically.

Then, restart the Calendar application to check whether it’s running as expected.

In sync with your needs In Sync With Your Needs

Since our calendars contain all important dates deadlines, milestones, and deadlines problems with sync can be a source of frustration. These solutions should assist you in overcoming the issue easily.

Are you dissatisfied with the calendar application on iPhone? You could try other worthwhile Calendar apps for iPhone.