8 most profitable investments for beginners in 2022

Do you want to increase your wealth? Investment is the way out. The most profitable investment in 2022 for beginners, there are many options. You just have to adapt it to your goals and risk profile.

In order to get to know your investment options better, profitable instruments are mentioned here that are worthwhile for beginners who are just starting to invest.

The most profitable investment for beginners in 2022

Anyone can start investing. Even experienced investors learn from scratch first. First, they find out which systems are suitable for beginners.

Start with promising investments by getting to know the profitable investment 2022 for beginners below.

  • stock investment
  • P2P Lending
  • gold investment.
  • Investment in mutual funds
  • real estate investment
  • deposit savings
  • retail bonds
  • Cryptocurrency trading

1. Stock investment

Stocks are one of the investment vehicles in Indonesia that have been around for a long time. Equities generate lavish returns but carry high risks. This tool is suitable for those of you whose risk profile is aggressive, ie who dare to face challenges and risks.

Stock investments can now be made with small capital. There are already many stock platforms in Indonesia that offer particularly easy conditions for young investors and beginners.

In order to buy stocks that can offer long-term benefits, you need to select stocks whose companies have good fundamentals. The trick is to do a fundamental analysis by examining the financial statements.

2. P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a lucrative investment for beginners. With P2P lending, you can become a lender lending capital to MSME actors requesting loans.

One of the P2P loans that can be chosen for the most profitable investment is People’s Capital. At People’s Capital, you lend a certain amount to MSME players and receive a return.

Distributed capital can start from IDR 25,000 with a potential return of up to 18% per annum.

You don’t have to worry about security as People’s Capital is a legit P2P lending OJK so you can trust it.

Use the BLOG25 promo to get Rp25,000 free directly from People’s Capital.

3. Gold investment

The second most profitable investment for beginners is gold investing. Gold is typically invested for the long term as its price can increase annually.

You can also save gold as an emergency fund, especially gold is easily converted into cash.

The price of gold is almost in the millions per gram, but you can pay for it with a gold savings installment system. Several banks in Indonesia offer Pegadaian gold savings with small capital.

4. Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are profitable investments with small capital. How it works Investors’ capital is channeled into various securities or instruments available on the capital market.

There are various mutual funds that investors can choose according to their risk profile. Mutual funds with minimal risk are the money market mutual funds, while those with the most risk are equity funds.

One of the advantages of mutual funds is that your investment activities are regulated by an investment manager, so you do not have to monitor the development of the capital market. You can also invest in mutual funds with relatively little capital.

5. Real Estate Investments

The most profitable investment for beginners is property. Property has always been chosen as a productive good.

You can rent out home assets or pensions to earn a monthly or yearly income. You can also buy properties that are then later sold after the price has gone up.

For real estate investments, you must first prepare a large number of funds. Not to mention the need to prepare various permits and documents.

However, if you have sufficient capital, there is no harm in investing directly in real estate as the value of these assets has increased rapidly.

6. Deposits

Short-term profitable investments are deposits. The trick is that you open a deposit at the nearest bank.

Usually, banks have minimum requirements for depositing funds. For example Rp. 1 million. You also get interested from the bank after the term has expired, provided you do not take the deposit money.

Fixed-term deposits usually have a maximum term of 3 years. Suitable for those of you who want quick results.

7. Private Bonds

The second most profitable investment is private bonds. These bonds differ from bonds in general because they can be ordered by the public at an affordable price.

An example of a popular retail bond is the government-offered Indonesia retail bond. The minimum purchase is 1 million IDR. Interest for investors is a fixed rate of 4% and above, which varies according to government policies.

In addition, there are Retail Savings Bonds, or SBR, which also use floating rates with a minimum purchase of IDR 1 million. The publication is the same as ORI, which comes out every year.

The two types of bonds are offered by the Treasury through various trusted distributors. In order not to miss your order, you need to remember the date of the offer.

8. Cryptocurrency Trading

A cryptocurrency is a tool that is currently loved by young investors. Cryptocurrencies are suitable for short-term investments.

There are various crypto assets to choose from, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and others. Each of these assets has its own price and benefits.

You can buy it with minimal capital through a dedicated cryptocurrency transaction application that has been deemed legal by OJK and CoFTRA.

You can benefit in the form of capital gains when the price of crypto assets increases. The crypto market is also open 24/7, so you are free to choose the time for the transaction.

To trade successfully in the crypto market, you need to use technical analysis, i.e. H. Analysis to see the movement of crypto prices. From this analysis, you can make the right decisions in crypto transactions.



That is a list of the most profitable investments for beginners in 2022. Those of you who are new to the investing world can choose them based on your goals. No less importantly, you must research each investment so that you can develop the right strategy. Happy investing, yes!


1. Which investments are suitable for beginners?

Investments suitable for beginners include low-risk investments such as time deposits, money market funds, P2P lending, and retail bonds.

2. What are safe investments?

Safe investments are legal investments that are regulated or approved by OJK or BAPPEBTI.

3. What are the short-term investments?

Short-term investments include money market mutual funds, P2P lending, retail bond investing, stock trading, and cryptocurrency trading.